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*21 years of craziness
funny, cheerful, and annoying.
She loves her friends and family like a love song, baby...

She plays guitar and piano, loves volleyball and basketball(dream on!). She kills her time by texting, reading books and studying- oh Gosh! She almost forgot to do her homework. Moving on, I know she's definitely crazy about Bones, Criminal Minds, Suits, Touch, TEEN WOLF!! and some anime namely: Death Note, Naruto, and Ao No Exorcist.

She digs hot rides and even dreams of having her very own Koenigsegg (but will settle for a Maserati nonethelss) parked in her garage. (sweet, but it's absolutely sweeter if her dreams were to come true.) Have I told you that she wants to become a DJ someday and for the record, a race car driver?...... :))) ♥

A tough cookie, with a heart as soft as mallows.

Percy Jackson. Jace, Sinclair, Peeta, Four, Park Sheridan, Lucas Maxfield and Derrick Rose are just some of the guys she practically adores ♥

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LOL. :))

LOL. :))

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Allow me please :))

Allow me please :))

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i’m ok. haha! lol

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hoho! lol sheldon :D lov him :))

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i believe soo.. :)))

i believe soo.. :)))

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LOL this >:))

LOL this >:))


“Juan wants to buy 30 pounds of candy-“

“Jimmy, Jack, and Joanna want to split the fare to fly to Africa for the day—”

I had 10 chocolate bars. I ate 9 of them. What do I have now?”


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aahh.. i had a fake one >:D

aahh.. i had a fake one >:D


Pinansin ka ni crush:

Linigawan ka, edi kilig naman kayo ni BFF…

Tapos naging kayo!

Makalipas ang mahaang panahon…

Nag break din kayo…

Heart broken ka syempre, tapos sasabihin mo…

Sakit ba? pero paglipas ng panahon, ganito ka nalang pag nakaka chat mo siya…

at kung iisipin mong minahal mo siya, ang masasabi mo na lang ay…

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